These are just a happy clients we have helped in the process buying and selling a home.

My name is Mark Jonkowski and my wife and I were looking to buy a home for the past three months in Texas and it has been a very hard task with the changing values and it has been hard to sell our current home. After 63 days and no offers we finally had to take a new approach. We went online and visited www.homeandhouselocator.com and the realtor found us a 3 bedroom 2 bath for 442,000 in the neighborhood and area we wanted and is selling our home in the next two weeks with in offers in Collin County. I would like to thank www.homeandhouselocator.com for making our dreams happen so quickly.

Sincerely Yours,
Mark and Darcy Jonkowski

I would just like to thank www.homeandhouselocator.com with helping me find a property to purchase. My wife and I were trying to relocate from Sacramento for the past 4 months. We have finally been able to move forward with the process and get into new home. It was easy to put our home on the market but homeandhouselocator.com was able to put us in contact with a knowledgeable and credible realtor who made the buying process in another state extremely easy and worry free who handled our relocation. We listed and sold our home in under 4 months and put in a contract on our new property in under 2 months and offer was accepted. Thanks again...............

Best wishes
Randall and Suzie Forester